Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-mugging high?

OHGOD study plan for tonight not working out at all.

I shall plan tmr instead and force myself to follow it kay.
So school is normal tmr I guess. 4 proper lessons + PE + CLE. Maybe there will be hints for history. But nope cannot count on mizar he hasnt even graded my fa wth.
SS supp class after school. I am counting on mrlim. cause i really have no idea what to do for ss. I mean the last time I went for his supp class I managed to scrape a 3.6 for that paper not bad at all.
Then go study room study history until 6. MUST FINISH EVERYTHING.
Reach home eat bathe youtube until 8.
Memorise hist+chinese then SLEEP EARLY.

HAHAAHHA at first I was so damn pissed at qile for repeatedly asking for notes, even AFTER I sent alr. But it turns out 好心有好报 he has history notes THANK YOU. but i had to endure his qileness hahahaahha what yao hu xiang bang zhu ma.

eeeee TMY is being mean. meanie minnie minyi <3

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