Monday, July 8, 2013

Exercise your right

I think this post needs a disclaimer. I am not saying everyone needs to look a certain way. This is just the way I like it. It is my opinion, and everyone is entitled to have their own. You know what, you should only keep reading if you are not judgmental or easily offended.

At the start of the year I actually had slightly visible abs that were hard and firm. Because I trained so damn hard at the end of last year.

I tried continuing my workouts this year but nope. Its not that I didn't want to, but there were always so many other things to do. I resorted to doing a few exercises and stretches before I slept every night, while stalking twitter and insta at the same time (cause im creepy like that).

And those are obviously not very effective, because my abs are gone :(GONE WITH THE WIND );
And its not like I will have time anytime soon to train them back WALAO. But someone has enlightened me that since I am not getting fitter or more toned, I should prevent myself from getting fatter. Usually I just eat whatever I want and burn off the calories at the end of the day, but now since I am burning so much less calories, I need to balance it out by not eating so much. SIMPLE? I WISH.

When I first started being health-conscious at the end of last year, I stuck to my 'diet' so well. I cut back so much junk food and replaced them with fruits, drank 3 litres of water everyday, had some form of exercise everyday, cut back meal portions and stopped eating at night.  That worked out for like 2 months, until school started this year. I think I got complacent, because the number of the weighing scale was lower and I felt more fit. So I lost control and everything started going downhill, especially after my ballet exam and NAPFA.

I think the appropriate punishment would be to train extra hard this Nov hols. I have decided: I will not be so focused on just abs anymore. Haha idk why but last time abs just seemed the most appealing. But its not like many people get to see them anyway so I shall train areas like thighs butt shoulders back and those strengthless arms, together with abs ohyeah.

But until then the only thing I can do is try not to become fat.

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