Thursday, February 28, 2013

Musings mash-up

Long time no blog. Haha how is it that there are still people coming back here day after day of no posts. Well I forsee nothing exciting happening for this post. I just wanted to blog in the last hours of February.

This week I have been having minor freakout moments, about ballet exam. One month later they are gonna turn major. Not looking forward to that.

Satisfied zinger burger craving during study block today. YUMZ.

I think I have been practicing rather good self-control when it comes to shopping. Once it Jan, once it Feb. Problem is because it is so occasional, I always end up spending more than I wanted to. And my mum in the US is not helping. Talking about how big their stores are and how cheap their clothes are and how pretty they are arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its like can i please just migrate there. Okay March is my birthday month and there is sch hols so at least I can go shopping more than once.

Birthdays are such great things. They solve the money part and the actual going out part.

So I guess I should talk about school and studies since that is like 80% of my life right now. After not succumbing to any persuasions, I have stuck to my decision to not take MSP O'levels. I know many people see is as a waste, as a missed opportunity, and i shall not waste my time trying to convince them otherwise, just remember that there is more than one side to everything.

I am appreciative of my dedicated teachers and my fun classmates, I really am.

I can't find the perfect length for my pinafore. Its either too short or too long.

CCA is getting too...repetitive. I think it has something to do with being a Part C NCO this year after just being a Part C myself last year. And the platoon is not as strongly bonded as before. Unavoidable I know, but still a sad thing  nonetheless.

Cannot make up for mind for subject combi. BCME or PCME? I feel more drawn towards the latter.

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