Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have given up trying to make sense of it

My body clock is programmed super weirdly.

I was sososososo sleepy in the afternoon even though I had plenty of sleep the previous night. I managed to squeeze in a short nap and now I am super awake.

I seem to only do work in the morning, and that is IF I had just woken up. Which means I will end up doing nothing tomorrow.

This year has been so tiring everyday I reach home I just wanna sleep. So I have started sleeping super early, like 8pm then waking up super early, like 4am. The two hours before I start getting ready for school is super productive. I just get all the shit that needs to be done done so much quicker.

Sound like a good plan right. But NOPE. I tried that for 2 days and my body seems to think that 8 hours was just a nap. By afternoon I would be sleepy again zzzzzz.

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