Sunday, August 4, 2013

To an amazing journey that is to be continued

I fail to comprehend how someone can not be excited about going to the USA. Somemore while others like yours truly are stuck in boring Singapore. Do you not realise how JEALOUS I am of you. And your trip is so similar to mine (same airline, same departure time, same date of different month, same country, same weather, same layover) that I cannot help but relive my memories. AND ITS OVERWHELMING.  It was EXACTLY 2 months ago that we were sitting in the airport, waiting for our flight that was 5 hours later. All the shopping and eating and hot people and cool weather and accents and OMG JUST EVERYTHING. Better bring me souvenirs.

I love the airport


This is my favourite photo

Doesn't this look so magical and fantasy-gardeny

Look at all our braids.

To find the above pictures I was looking at all our other photos, and I realise how huge a part CmPS has played in my life for the last two years. Just Keep Calm and W.I.S.H. 

Mrs Lee. Yuexin. Zek Min. Zhang Xuan. Wang You. Vivian. Kate. Shayna. Beverley. 

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