Monday, February 11, 2013

The peace before the storm

First of all, 新年快乐!

Then, I am going to write about my life, because thats what my blog is for.

On Friday I met up with the 6R peeps again. Or at least, one-fifth of them. Shit is was sososososo fun.Met at orchard, chilled at ion, went to jp, had dinner, went to park, lepak even more, look at the stars, walked back. My mum started calling every five minutes since 10.30 until I finally reached my cousins house at 11plus. I am now selectively-grounded. Apparently I am not allowed to hang with them anymore, but whats there to stop me?

Finally went cny shopping on sat at chinatown. Super belated. My mum said yes to everything I wanted to buy :)

Reunion dinner at cousins house on sat, then another dinner at my house on sun, cmps today, bbq tomorrow.

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