Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Having to shout for lozenges

Falling sick :( I think the flu finally caught on to me. Its week 2 of school and 4 packets of my tissue have been used up. Interesting part is I only used 1 piece myself. Tissue supplier ;)

The whole back row is like sick. Except that buff kelly. I think we eat too much junk food liao. But at least I got drink water kay. Haha yesterday I drank so much that I had to pee super urgently just half an hour after going to the toilet.

Yesterday night I was already blur and tired. Like who the heck takes one hour to find 3 articles online. I don't even rmb what I was doing. It seems like the only thing I did last night was find those 3 articles. And I forgot to bring blouse today. Didn't even cross my mind until I was getting on the school bus. Turns out clarissa nvr bring also (toldya we were all falling sick) but in the end 4 of us in the back row didnt change out at all. Shhhh.

Spent one hour in the afternoon just talking with tmy. Like how zek would describe it 'spent so much time talking but don't even know what we were talking about.'

Ohohoho we finally measured our weight today. I am a kilo lighter than last year :)

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