Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is not the end; this is the beginning

(I deleted this part because certain people think it may tarnish our platoon's image if juniors read it. But it may already be too late...)

Okay so dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed, the guy next to me said "Eh, that course best person ah, from your school right? Wahsei, she look so fierce leh!" Hahaha, you should smile when receiving your award mah, otherwise scare the guys off alr. But I defended you okay, I said you were really nice and friendly :)

Okay so congratulations to you, dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed. 

And you too, dearest-person-who-got-gsk-best-and-whom-secfours-think-is-the-best-friend-of-your-other-award-winning-platoonmate.

Both of you deserved your awards :D

Today was actually really funny and quite enjoyable. Well, except for a giant blister on the sole of each foot. But other than that, the sirs finally became friendly :) My detail had a great IC, so we were first to finish for orienteering, thus we had a lot of time o sit down and chat. And then sometimes the sirs would come over and join in the conversation :) Haha they were so informal that they became sick :p

Specialist Course Phase 3 2012, 4 June to 6 June. We have turned from cadets into specialists, armed with our certificates and ranks and cookies and awards, ready to take the next step in our ncc path, and serve out units to the best of our abilities.

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