Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hmph I stop posting for a while and readership goes down :(

So, life.

I shall start with Show Luo. Haven't missed a single episode of 100% Entertainment since 2 months ago. Finished watching Hot Shot yesterday. Don't understand why some ppl (tsk Zek) don't like it. Sooo nice. And such a different story from HMS or CWL. And I am now watching CWL. His songs in those 2 dramas are super nice.

Especially love the part at 1:45

1:06  <3

Was babysitting my cousins from Tuesday all the way to Thursday. At least I had my laptop with me and could watch Hot Shot. They started watching with me and I now they recognise Show Luo :D  I brought them to comics connection and they helped me find a bunch of Show Luo cards :p

SPECS COURSE. ohmytian. No, now is my break time before I start memorising SAR 21 stuff, I shall not think about SPECS.

The instant noodles from ATC taste horrible. And now I am getting scolded for wasting food. Great.

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