Monday, August 20, 2012

It isn't counted as carefree if you just chose to ignore the troubles

ORD lunch is in less than 12 hours. And I am so responsible for us not having an outfit yet. Anw J8 is bound to have something. right? well, there better be.

This weekend I finished one season of Bones. And its the normal season, not the truncated one. So, I dont know what to feel about my self right now. And I totally just thought that in a Jennamarbles' accent.

Oh can I talk about Internet Icon. The only reason I watched the finale was becuase Justin and the Fu music were there. Had absolutely no interest in finding out who the winner was. Would have been an amazing finale if Justin and the Fu music were the two contestants left.

Back to my first point, I am really interested to find out what sec fours are gonna wear. Can't imagine some of them wearing dresses. But jeans are so informallll. But then again, pirates wear pants?

Back to my second point, I don't understand or know where I am finding the time to finish one season of a show within a week. I just keep finding new shows for myself to watch. And when I really cannot find any, I go back to rewatching. All these can wait until the holidays. Screw it,  not even the holidays, just right after EYAs. Okay, persevere for two more months, and then I will be free. Push harder through these tough times, and the aftermath will seem even better.

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