Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today I came home trice the usual no. of times

My shoulder feel like they are carrying a hundred pounds. In fact, since monday, the weight has only gotten heavier and heavier.

Standing still for one hour plus was no help.

Still, I guess its a small price to pay for finally becoming 'specialists'?

Today is and maybe will be the slackest SA day. We only had Philo exam. By 20 mins, more than half the class had their heads resting on the table. The other half was just fiddling and twiddling around. Haha I Dutch-braided my hair. The teacher was giving me weird looks. But cmon I sit in the last row so its not like I am disturbing anyone.

Apparently I reached home minutes after my dad left. If the bus hadn't taken so long to come, I would have been home before he actually left for work.

Watched an episode of bones before going to the park for bio pt. It was quite creepy at the park, cause it was unusually quiet and empty. Besides me, there were only two other people there. And at the entrance I met this man riding his bicycle s.u.p.e.r s.l.o.w.l.y.

My dad was in a good mood so he dabaoed back lunch for me. Had piano lesson which was super fail cause I was really sleepy (like how I always am at 2pm everyday). Rushed back to school for ORD rehearsal, parade and dinner.

I think we did a pretty good surprise dinner. Especially the ex sec fours coming back part. The looks on sec fours' faces were like 'oh my! ohmygod! yay!' I can't imagine what would have happened if the previous previous and previous previous previous batches had been able to make it too. Then sec fours would have all their ncos together.

Cant't comprehend the fact that next year will be our very own ord already.

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