Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's called 13atch

Batch group is filled with chem aa spam. kinda annoying, dont you think? But i joined in the discussion with platoonmates. less people, less confusion. But now I'm ignoring platoon chat too. heheh. I don't wanna see something and then have to change my report.

But I guess those discussions are helpful? sort of? But from what I see, they are mostly a group of less than 5 people making different points and trying to convince one another and finally arriving at the conclusion that all can work, just need justification.

In this community filled with smart brains, the only one that you can and should trust is the one in your head. All those smart brains each have their own way of thinking and reasoning. Sometimes they clash and waste time trying to argue it out but in the end, it turns our both are correct/wrong. 

I think the problem is that the group is for the WHOLE entire batch, so there are too many voices chiming in. And no one knows everybody there. I feel much more secure in the class group and platoon group.

I can totally imagine whats gonna happen at a batch outing. Everyone would talk to their cliques about going together, and then actually go together as a clique, and even at the actual thing split up into their own little cliques, and the outing coordinator may try to shout over the loud voices for everyone to mingle, but fail.

Then again, it seems like these discussions are bringing 13atch closer together. People sharing notes, sharing info, sharing knowledge. Helping one another, encouraging one another, going through everything together.

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