Sunday, August 26, 2012

People who can lick their elbows just have shorter-than-average arms

Ah shit my back is screwed. I don't even know how. It just screwed itself. Standing hurts, sitting hurts, lying on my back hurts, lying on my front hurts, hunching hurts, sitting straight hurts. I am not the type to use super vulgar profanities, but right now I am doing so. In my head. Yeah.

Oh something interesting just happened. If I lean back on my chair and move my right shoulder up and down while using the other hand to massage it, my SHOULDER BONE CRACKS.

Crap lah it really hurts a lot.

I want to take pain relief medication. That would totally happen if
1) It were available in liquid form within 10 meters, or
2) I learn how to swallow pills right now, despite many years of failure to do so
3) I knew anything at all about pain relief medication
4) I were enough of a risk-taker to try it despite never having taken pain relief meds before.

Actually, are pain relief meds even meant for these sort of things? I just assumed so, cause I am in pain, and they are meant to relieve pain. Right?

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