Friday, August 31, 2012

Burning up does not make me lose my ranting ability

So sad couldnt go back rulang today :( and sorry if i seemed down in the morning. People who were around me i hope i didnt spread anything to you. But then again, maybe you spread it to me! Hmph. Haha i dont think so lah, i could already feel it coming up on wed afternoon.

I think i looked really emo on the bus home today. My earphones were plugged in, and i was leaning back and gazing out of the window. But i was just trying to fall asleep can. Thre were like four groups of rgs ppl, and they were making so much noise, couldnt block out the noise even though my music volume was super loud. Oh yeah it was emo music, about the end of the world or smth. But srsly the whole bus sounded like a fish market because of them. Did they really not realise, or just couldnt even be bothered to be softer?

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