Saturday, September 1, 2012

Migrating to the US seems like a good idea

Cause, you know, their time is 12hrs behind ours, so at least I won't up when the sky is dark and asleep when the sky is bright.

I have been awake since 2330 last night. The only relatively productive thing I have done is to file some stuff. Oh, and I cleared up a clothes heap that was piling up and up and up.

Miraculously, my fever is sort of gone. (y) But now my throat feels like sandpaper.

I think sleeping from 1800 to 2400 is quite good actually. Because I like evening time the least, its just so sad and miserable. The period after midnight and before sunrise is just such a different atmosphere and mood. Its so quiet, except the occasional vehicle-passing-by sound. When you look out, its like black black black, but there is always a little bit of light spilling out from some windows, and those house the people who are still awake too. The best part is getting to witness the sky colour changing as the sun rises. It obviously cannot beat viewing that at the beach, but its not bad lah.

Then the day. Daytime had always seemed so much longer than nighttime, even though they are about the same, but that is probably because I had always spent nighttime sleeping. If it is a sunny day, which happened majority of the days the past few months, you get to go out in light bright clothes and be like a sunshine(?) type of person. If it is a rainy day, which I expect to happen quite often in 1-2 months' time, you get to either huddle up in bed with a good book/drama and hot milo or go out in warm clothing that makes you feel super cozy.

Evening time is just so morbid. You watch the whole day fade away before you, yet being unable to do anything about it. You realise there is a ton of work to be done by the next day, and just feel so tired. Its like a time for emoing and feeling sad :(

I am going to make sure my weekend remain relatively free, and take a break. Before Monday comes and reality sets in.

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