Monday, December 26, 2011

I dont know why I just wrote the following

Shoe cabinet
TV console
Computer table
Study table

My parents purchased all of that today. I was supposed to get a nice comfy chair but couldnt find any :( I want want one those really soft and nice and the right size. Cause theres a weird empty space beside my wardrobe and I want to fill it up. Coudlnt decide between a dressing table or a nice armchair. Actually, still cant decide. I really dont know. Hmm..maybe I can get both...

Anyways that is a lot of furniture to buy in 1 day. Something about good quality, big sale, new year, year end bonus, 13th month salary blah blah

Today we did quite a lot of travelling. From one end of Singapore to the other end. First we went to Tampines to look at some furniture shop my mom found online, then we went to ECP cause my mom's colleagues were there. Then we went to Yew Tee cause my aunt said they were having huge sale. Then we came back and did grocery shopping even tough we had already done so 2 days ago. Apparently we ran out of fruits. My parents are super fruit-crazy.

A bit more than 1 week of holidays left. Really ohmyshit.

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