Sunday, December 11, 2011

I like clothes. Problem?

ohoho blogshopping sure is fun.

I started last night (well, this morning considering it was 2am) and have already spent $33.

On 3 tank tops, 1 batwing shirt, 1 fringe top, 1 pair of shorts and a connector ring. :)

The 3 tank tops were...unexpected. They were priced at $7 dollars each, and I originally asked the owner to sell me 2 at $11. Then then then, guess what! She told me she would sell to me at $10, and I can pick out another tank top for free. :) HOHOHO some more all brand new and super cute leh.

Today was spent switching to the fro watching TBBT and blogshopping.

But I did study from 2am to 4am. Well, 'study'.

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