Friday, January 31, 2014

I have been induced

Soooo JIP is officially over! It has been a fun-filled 2 weeks, and I think its one of those times I am gonna look back upon and miss so dearly cause it was so carefree and casual.

There is never a lonely moment with my 415 darlings around:
-A mob of people following Jasmine and Nigel to the RI canteen
-Insta-noodles resulting in WA war but ending with us playing frisbee
-Being the most frequent customers of the minimart
-Supporting each other at CCA trials
This was at the floorball trial of nat and clarissa

-the MOST EVENTFUL DINNER EVER at Swensens celebrating the Koh bdays (okay this story cannot go untold. The waitress and carrying a tray with like 4 drinks, the tray wobbled, all the drinks spilled over our table and poor val, the glass smashed all over the floor, val's plate literally broke into half, we were given 10% discount)
Chicken baked rice
Free birthday ice-cream (you know where to find me on my bday)

BEST CLASS EVER gonna miss them sosososo much :(

CCA trials are really competitive and scary this year. I was all prepared to just join rec badminton cause slack+fun! But I went with Jenny to audition for mod dance and somehow I got in?! HAHA everyone I have told was damn surprised like that is so unexpected. SIAN WHERE IS THE FAITH GUYS. Ok fine I didn't expect myself to make it either but I suppose there is a reason I am still doing ballet after all these years. I had a huge dilemma between dance and hockey. I hope I am making the right decision. 

Been meeting primary school friends on the mrt cause we are all westies. And damn cute a bunch of them who stay at lakeside will go to school tgt in the morning and sometimes I will bump into them and its always nice to have company. The school is SO FREAKING HUGE though I still haven't met some of the ex-classmates.

Also, I went back to visit my first workplace where I was paid :D Hehe ya it was at Don pie. I am not trying to advertise but seriously so yumzzzz. Can you believe it though liren had 2 pies all on his own, in the same span of time I took to finish my FAV PIE.

Black Pepper Chicken Pie

Today is Day 1 of CNY but Im gonna put that in a separate post cause I like things to be relevant.

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