Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to city life


im back.

from vacation.

at the beach.

And im a bit more tanned.

Just slightly.

Except my legs are brown.

And my knees are black.

The sun there is crazy.

All I did was to lie.

And I sweated like crazy.

Felt like I had just run 5km.

They had Singapore tv channels.

Which I discovered had pretty decent stuff.

But they also had Cartoon Netowrk.

On which I watched 3 Barbie movies.

Wore shorts like crazy.

I brought all my super mini ones.

Paired with tank tops.

And bikinis.

Devoured no less than 7 packets.

Of tidbits.

Pizza, roti prata, spaghetti, fish and chips.


Now back to civilisation.

The first thing I did.

Was to dabao.


I need a good bath.

With my own shampoo.

Cause my hair is screwed.

The worst I have ever seen it at.

I didnt mean for this post.

To seem poem-ish.

But oh well.

Here you are.


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