Thursday, November 17, 2011

1. Do 50 hours of CIP (Not that hard, right? It is only a little bit more than 2 days)
My mom has convinced me to cancel all the cip I signed up for over the hlidays except for a few funner ones since I can now do cip for the plain fun of . :)

2. Visit every platoonmate's house (Me and zek wanted to do this last year)
No progress :( I realise I have only been to 2 out of 9 houses.

3. Go shopping at Bugis (I have been meaning to in like forever. And apparently the stuff there are cheap and good :))
DONE :) But its super crowded there and the stuff are quite average...

4. Eat lots of junk food (Maybe not too much. But I cant control myself)
Okay, where do I even start. How about this: macs last thursday, friday, saturday and yesterday. Potato chips monday and today. old chang kee today.

5. Exercise and stretch (It is super effective. Believe me)
mmm...not happening except for the usual ballet lessons. BUT I finally went swimming after like eons.

6. Run 3-4 times per week (No less, no more. While I want to keep fit, I dont want bulging muscles in my legs.)
Not happening too. In fact, I am feeling so guilty I shall go run for my first time in weeks after this.

7. Complete my compo notebooks that I started last year (Er they were supposed to be completed last year, so...)
Well, now I am supposed to be focused on science instead of compos.

8. Go out with friends and cousins (duh.)
Same old, same old.

9. Read all the books that I bought but have not read (They come up to a total of no less than 36)
Ah I am now super addicted to shopaholic. And I borrowed a bunch of books from the library cause its like all the good books are suddenly findable. I maxed out 3 libraby cards. Enough said.

10. Makeover my room (I am gonna get a new bookshelf, which means my whole room will have to be re-orientated)
So, I have sort of found the perfect bookshelf and desk at IKEA. Just need to wait for my parents to settle on a new sofa, rug, tv console and coffee table. Plus a compputer table. Still a long way to go...

11. Master basic make-up (Yes, master. Like its perfect the first time you put in on. Now, it looks okay sometimes but other times its just hideous)
I have just been playing around a lot and experimenting different styles.

12. Put in effort for presents for company chalet (Yuppies)
Currently there are no presents for me to put effort into.

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