Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Split jumps at the beach look cool

WAHAHAHA. I cannot swim 100m but can swim 50m. MMhmmm. And only gillian also cannot swim. NOOB SWIMMERS UNTIE!

I go to the pool not to swim but to sun and dance and fool around and wear nice swimming costumes. :) I think the most I have ever swum is 50X8m.

YAY ME IS GOING TO THE BEACH FOR VACATION SOON. lalala super excited. :D can get to wear all my cool tank tops and cool shorts and cool swimwear. Shhhh yes, that includes bikinis. Shhhh, lets keep it secret, okay? :p

I need to train up my abs in 4 days cause they have been slowly disappearing to the point I can only see them if I force them out. Not cool, so not cool. You have got to admit, flat stomachs look so much nicer than pot-bellies.


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