Wednesday, October 29, 2014

we will sleep when we are dead


hahahahaha it all started the night before the first op consult. At 8pm qk received a text saying op consult was the next day!!! so the whole class just started panicking and i downloaded Skype to discuss pw. But somehow pw didn't happen, and I ended up skyping the confused kids. UNTIL 530AM. YEAH 6 HOURS! INTENSE SKYPE SESSION OMG. And obv we all damn dead the next day. Just keep ditching pw to lepak in seminar room hahaha such slackers.

And since that night I have been skyping so much omg. SKYPE OVER SLEEP YEA. even though I keep falling asleep while skyping ahahah I'm sorry main man.

Well post-promos has just been pwpwpwpwpw. Although theres supposed to be school but we just keep ponning lectures omg I am under damn bad influence. Getting so sick of pw but JUST ONE MORE WEEK!!! But sometimes q fun la. Especially if our groups colonise the same place hahahah. And all the fun class dinners hehehe.

OMG and the whole of this afternoon. Cause tuesday our early day so we went out for class lunch @18chefs with 8 ppl. It was damn eventful sia. Then we went back and lepaked at the theatre for the rest of the day AHAHAHA it was damn freaking funny. So many things can happen in the dark hehehe. Esp with all the raging hormones omg it felt so good just chilling and laughing.

Life has been fun, but there has also been some serious shit going on. Especially during results day omg i don't even wanna rmb it. But while there has been plenty of smiles and laughter, there hasn't been a lack of tears and worries HAIYA LIFE.

OK I am soooo grateful for my big rainbow :) That one afternoon I spent with her was so enlightening omg idk what I would do without her. And the shiok maki + shopping was damn good. thank you bby <3

Wahhh typing that made me even more nostalgic for the rg days :( All the tweets the whole night have been bringing back memories and I just cannot grasp the concept of time flying by. And looking through old pics!! 

This is why I end up sleeping at 2 everyday (even though I legit planned to sleep at 10) and end up with swollen eyebags. 

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