Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I want a knit top

Whew past few days were packed. And all the free time I had I spent watching shows and reading a book, in a bid to enjoy at least a bit of 'me time'. Btw, zhang xuan thanks for recommending Sherlock. AWESOME.

Not prepared to get back results at all. These past few days have been like an escape from reality and so many things going on leave no space for thinking about results and GPs and GPA and wtv else.

Tried to clean up my room, but once again, surface cleaning. The files only look neat because they are arranged in one row, but inside, all the worksheets and notes are jumbled up and messed up and screwed up. And its so easy to hide an unsightly closet by simply closing the doors.

I have a feeling the stamina is so bad now that I can't even run 2.4km without stopping. And since I haven't actually went to test it out yet, I don't know whether its true. Everyday I have been telling myself that I should go jog, but everyday that doesn't happen.


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