Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jumbled up

The bubble has burst. Oops. Spent 3 hours with platmates, having lunch and chilling at starbucks. Been a long time since I felt so relaxed. And the journey home was perfect. There was no waiting time and although the weather had stared getting cloudy midway it only started raining the moment I got home. So obviously I took a nap. This morning my eyes were hurting cause my eye bags were huge and the under circles were so dark they looked bruised.

My right hand is still hurting slightly. Fortunately there are no more papers that require essay writing or huge chunks of words.

Somehow I was imagining post-eya period to be super free and nothing going on. But nope, a lot of things to deal with. Right after the end of papers tomorrow we are meeting to discuss about orienteering comp, then friday will be eaten up by cmps and ballet. In fact, I think I am expected to spend a lot of time on ncc, cmps and ballet. However, i will still find time to slack. Obviously.

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