Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not entirely my fault lorh

Last week I was on the bus with zhang xuan and there was this other RGS person standing opp. us. She had on a yellow nametag and me being kaypo as always was trying to read her name. And after I managed to make out those tiny letters, I was thinking to myself: wow that is a unique spelling...but I think I have seen it before somewhere...hmmm I think I can tell her origins just based on her name...is it really this spelling or is my eyesight just failing me.

Okay on to the main point, after like 20 minutes of staring at this person but pretending to not be staring, her name suddenly went CLICK in my mind. Ohmytian isn't that a part a. OK wait wait calm down. Let me mentally match her name to her face. Wow does she look different with specs. How the pong did I not manage to recognise her at first. Oh great now she must be really creeped out by me. Lets hope she does not recognise me; I have not temped as yet anyway. And is she getting off at the same stop as me? Uh yes she is....okay calmly and slowly walk off...be cool.

Haish dont you think it is extremely fail and sad of me to not recognise my own junior :(

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