Monday, May 14, 2012

Failed attempt to straighten out thoughts

O.o Why the stats getting scarier and scarier. Yay steph I think I found your blog. Well, it should be your blog. Haha.

Today got back a load of papers. Rather happy with one, okay with some, very sad for one. The happy one balanced out the sad one, so I am not feeling that down.

One Part A greeted me on her own today. Awww :)                  

Survived on 3hours of sleep today. New record. Awake at 3am on school night (or should I say morning).

Chem SPA tmr. Anybody else finds it really weird that we have to call the teacher over to observe us titrate drop by drop until we reach the end point?

Extension of deadline for 2 projects. Good or bad? Both I guess.

Just 2 more weeks :)

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