Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am hot. I am also cool.

Me is super super cold. And I am back inside the cupboard.

Oh no! Getting chased out of the classroom cuz some random teacher is using it. Always happens. Argh! Your should be more considerate!

Sorry for the short post,

Oh, they are changing classroom. So I guess I will continue. I was so cold that I was literally shivering. but I am not having a fever. How strange. This wk was hell. And will continue to be until tomorrow. Monday was CCA, and our NCOs are back!!! YEAH!!!! I really feel like saying to them: WE LOVE YOU! <3 Seriously, they are so awesome compared to the other sec 4s. And some of them are simply terrible. Like horrible.

Yesterday was Lit PT and Malay AA. Like, two presentation in one day! WTH. At least there are no more pts and aas. Only the exams to live through.

Today there is some Project Management Workshop, which is like super boring. I just want to go home and sleep.

Tomorrow there is CCA again. Looking forward and dreading it at the same time. I just want it to be over, so that I can go home and slack my butt off on Friday, which is Good Friday. I really need a break, Going to fall sick very soon.

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