Monday, September 26, 2011

He is still as hot as boiling water

I am not crazy about Daniel Radcliffe anymore, but that doesnt me he isnt hawt. Aww, he shall still remain as my desktop background, no matter what others say.

I dont know what I am crazy about now? KPOP? No, that was only SNSD. And only because I watched their Horror Movie Factory thinggum and they felt more real to me. :)

I guess I get crazy over stuff easily. Like a few days ago I started watching Sandra Bullock, all because of one funny interview. But, totally over that now.

And on Saturday I was crazy over ballet. Like I was reading while stretching my splits, watching tv with my toes pointed under the sofa or in a scorpion position, walking around en pointe. Haha, so weird. But that was because Ms Kee did warm-ups with us on Friday and I could feel everything opening up. Like, usually we only do our own warm-ups and of course we dont do that much. But sometimes when the teacher stretches with us, I SERIOUSLY FEEL THE PAIN.

Well. I guess I shall be crazy over random things randomly. My dearest scorpion position, please cooperate while I try to perfect you. Thank you very much.

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