Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Continuing to pretend work doesnt exist

Okay I totally just started liking Daniel Radcliffe again. Hes super duper interesting kay. Or it may just because he has too many scandals.

Whatever lah.

His interviews are totally funny and there are some rather sick ones. LOL. Hes like one of the sickest out of the younger Harry Potter cast. Like, I dont really care about the older generation. Of course, except of Alan. I would think next in line is Tom Felton, but the gap between Dan and Tom would be super huge. No, wait. Tom is sick. Dan is honest. Yup.

Tom talks about those dirty pickup lines. Dan talks about his sex scene and being naked on stage. See the difference?

Ok, the previous Dan obsession was like one month ago and it lasted like a week or 2. Since I practically watched and read every of his interview the other time, I shall expect this time round's obsession to last 1 week only.

Still, hes hot. H-A-W-T. totally hot.

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