Friday, September 16, 2011

"Dont tell them we failed. Tell them we decided to take a break from success"

OMG, the school counselor is super good. She says what she wants to say, but no in that annoying blunt way.

And she is totally unafraid to talk about herself. She was just like “I am in a good mood, because I am not PMSing.”

Oh, and apparently you are your true self when you PMS. So, our true self is bitchy and emotional at the same time? Okay….

I don’t think I PMS. But then again, many people who PMS think that they don’t. I mean like, I never know when 3rd factor is coming because I don’t PMS. At least, I think I don’t.

And sometimes I truly believe than men PMS more than women. Like, ahem ahem, some teachers. Haha, I think the problem is less of PMS than menopause with, ahem ahem, some other teachers.

Okay, this is getting really off topic. I started with the counselor, then somehow got to menopause. Enough.

I think we admire others’ beauty too much to have time to admire ourselves. In primary school, I envied those girls with the pretty long hair and nice figures. I just thought of myself as someone super ordinary. Okay, this may sound ego, but I never realized that I have nice legs. I didn’t even know they were nice until Audrey pointed it out last year and I took a good look at it and realized that they were not bad after all. I mean, I have had some pretty good recognition fro my legs, quoting Shu “They are the best I have ever seen”. Okay lah, that may be an exaggeration, but still. And it doesn’t hurt that I have grown about 10cm since last year.

There are some people who complain that I like to show off my legs. But I don’t think its showing off. Its playing to the strong points of myself. I mean, since they can look good in shorts, miniskirts, and skinny jeans, then why not? I don’t know how long they can remain in shape, so I might as well take this chance and make myself feel good right? And I don’t mean that king of making yourself feel good by making others feel bad, its more of making yourself feel good about yourself. If you get what I mean.

Admire yourself. Treasure yourself. Love yourself.

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