Friday, September 2, 2011

the awkwardness of it all

OMG I miss Rulang so much. I didnt even know I missed it so much until yesterday. I WANT MY PRIMARY SCHOOL LIFE BACK! AND MY TEACHERS! AND MY CLASSMATES!

Those awkward moments
When you are discussing whether a teacher is pregnant
When a guy overhears your discussion
When that guy goes up to that teacher and asks her in the face
When she isnt pregnant

When you realise the guys who used to be shorter than you are towering over you.
When you realise there are still guys who didnt seem to grow at all

When you realise this group of socially-awkward guys are all in chinese drama

When you hear the guys' voices

When you are asked what cca you are in and people dont believe your answer

When your friend is giving a teacher presents but you have nothing to give

When you come face to face with a guy you havent spoken to in 2 years
When you realise you used to speak to that guy over the phone for hours at a time
When you realise that guy used to ask you whether his voice had broken
When you realise that guy used to talk to you about menstruation

When you meet a teacher you disliked at the traffic light alone

When a guy you havent seen in 2 years tells you he used to have a crush on you

When a guy asks you for your phone number

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