Wednesday, September 21, 2011


this morning, zek told me someone had an accident and was hospitalised. From the way she and jiamin were discussing it, i could tell it was someone from our class and I totally started freaking out inside. I tried to see who was absent, but then it was raining so a number of ppl were late. Everyone started coming in. Everyone except Audrey. It wasnt that hard to put the pieces together. I was already freaking out a bit, then shirley told me after math that audrey would not be coming for the rest of the week, then I started freaking out more. well my freaking out ended when jiamin and shirley told the class that audrey was alright, and tanglaoshi also told us that she might be discharged soon. PHEW.

Well, I can see she has somewhat recovered from her fb and blog. Back to being her ego self. :p

And TROLOLOLOLOL. Audrey, you look funny in last year's class photo. HAHA, you actually look GUAI.

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