Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awkward moments when you smile to yourself in the middle of lessons

Sec 3s should stop jumping to conclusions and think about what they say before they say it.

Orietnteering is fun :D I am gonna be the compass holder person. Yay :DDD HAHA I totally didn’t know what to do with the compass at first, but then I like it now. Looking forward to the next course. :)

And out temps ncos are super super funny. The way Coporal Geyu speaks is rather amusing, Its like a bit whiny but still cute. Oh, and she has her polluted mind and she polluted CPL Louise’s mind. Haha, CPL Louise was telling CPL Geyu something and then she was totally like “OH MY GOSH! WHERE YOU LOOKING ONE? NOW YOU TOTALLY POLLUTED MY MIND! SOMEMORE JUNIORS LEH!” bwahahahahah. In the end, they were talking about our shirts being too low under our no.4. Totally not our fault lah, it’s the way the shirts were made.

ok, this is totally not my blogging style. But, wtv. Ta.

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