Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waka waka

Whooopeedoopeedoo. lalalalalala.

went down for a run. ran like super fast. Ok, not super fast lah. But faster than usual. Lost 1kg!



So, I've planned out my meals for tomorrow.

Breakfast: Leftover dinner. I couldnt finish it just now because i was too disgusted by my weight. Or maybe cereal.

Recess: fruit. maybe sushi if i am hungry.

Lunch: Normal. Rice plus something. preferably healthier though.

Dinner: Depends.But I shall try to eat less than usual. Fruits.

and i will drink more water :)

And exercise.
Morning jog. TKD. Run downstairs if I am not tired from TKD. Or I can just dance at home. Not like those prancing around type of dance, but like dance dance. Super tiring one kay.

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