Thursday, September 29, 2011

As we look back, we realise how long a journey we have come

Today was the last day of lesson of 2011. I am actually rather saddened by it. Admittedly, I like this year's teachers more than last years', so maybe thats why I think I will miss them a lot more.

Ms Chan
Ms Kum
Ms Tan
Ms Wong
Ms Lee
Ms Kamsir

Woah, all 'ms'es. Never realised that.

Today, Ms Tan made use of her final chance to convince us to like science. I was actually convinced. Even though Ms Tan has appeared to be really scary to me, she is a really passionate teacher. On a side note, I am having a hard time imagining her in red and white blood splatter leggings. -.-

Ms Wong came into class with STICH! Haha, the class went crazy over it. I will really miss Ms Wong and her funny antics in class and her super cute drawings :(.

Ms Chan was her usual self. Dressed in her own style that she pulls off so perfectly. Greeting us in her special way. Answering each and every one of our questions. But something was wrong with my hearing when she started talking about this 'condom ad'. I heard it as 'cotton pad' and was unable to comprehend why the class had that weird expression until she wrote 'durex'. Then I was all like 'oh. OH.' I personally find it rather amusing. Sometimes, I talk to Ms Chan more of as a friend than a teacher, and that is not something that happens commonly. I have thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Ms Chan.

Math was nothing much. Just trying to rush finish going through past year paper. But Ms Kum came in with her usual 'RAWR'. :) And apparently I have the 'magic touch' of the projector screen. Other classes dont really like Ms Kum, saying that she is PMSy and biased to our class. And maybe thats why, but I think she is really nice to our class and very approachable.

Then Ms Kamsir came in after school ended for some extra stuff. She is so warm towards us. :) And no Ms Kamsir, we do not think that the wedding night was an important event because thats when Romeo and Juliet consummate their marriage, or to put it in her words 'when R&J get together'; we just think marriage is important. :p

Ms Lee and her attempts at joke in class are lame yet amusing. She has her own style of dressing too, with a tendency to match her accessories to her outfit. Which, I have to say, works rather well for her. I didnt like her last year as my RSP teacher, but throughout this year with her and being History rep, I think I have grown to like history because of her :)

Tanglaoshi! Well well well. Motherly. Best word to describe her. I think she makes a good PSB and CLE and form teacher. But as a Chinese teacher she can be more on task. Yep. CLE has been enriching with Tanglaoshi. She teaches sex ed rather well, but her mindset is more, um, of an older generation. SL has been fun too :) Even though part of the class complains about her, I will miss her.

Oh dear, here I am missing my teachers when exams start tomorrow.

I just hope to get as nice teachers next year :)

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