Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reaching for the goals that seem so far

Achievement Day 2011.

Lets start from the start. At first we wanted to do sets of 40, 36, 32, then sec 3s told us to do average of 40 but not over 50. So, we changed to 42,40,38. A scary number we have NEVER managed before. Plus 100 CJJs. Uh-huh. For drills, 14 good bangs with 4 consecutive ones.

My schedule today was crap. Like first I signed up for IHG, then Malay lesson crept up, then THIS. So then, I had to somehow deal with these 3 things. IHG was easy, got Beverley to replace me (Thanks Chicken). Malay and CCA was this huge dilemma. Cikgu said if we go for today lsn, hv to go for at least 1 hour and it will not be full lsn. She can do replacement for us on Monday but then we will have to miss TKD. I want to miss 1hr of CCA today (I mean, come on, TKD!) , MY wanted to miss TKD on Monday. It was like 1.30pm and we still didnt know what to do.

Oh and we had platoon lunch :D with one missing person. Zek Min, you missed out the fun :( Steph's sausages were still just as nice, and then she bought this huge pile of junk food and we sat down at koi pond and just pigged out. Platoonmates were being lame weird funny gay hungry sick as always. I overheard Shu Ying saying something that I would be better off without overhearing -.-

So then we decided to go for Malay today. I dont know how but thats what we decided.

blah blah blah

We went for training at 3.45pm, guessing that they woould have done about one and a half sets of PT. But then, we only had to do leg exercise, leg lifts and back crunches. Bleh. No planks, push-ups or sit ups at all. CJJ was okay lah, not our first time doing 100. It was super cool when sec 4s did and counted with us for the last 10.

Drills were.... er.... long story short, sec 4s kept doing the (number) langkah ke (direction) gerak trying to help us reach our goals. I think we could have done better.

Yay company games. I like company games :) Water sprinkles just set my legs vibrating when I tried standing up. But still, COMPANY water sprinkles. but time was short, only played h20 before the company hentak thinggummagig.

NCOs took us into the shooting range place. And they told us this story. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. Obviously the story was different lah, but the atmosphere was so similar. Heehee

I refuse to think about parting with our NCOs yet. But that will have to sink in sooner or later. I think it will be later.

So long :)

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