Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bits and pieces, here and there

Malay oral was crap. As usual.

Chinese oral better be okay. Except I have not 1, but 3 freaking huge ulcers on my lower lip.

Part as should be more situationally aware.

ORD presents are coming along, but we are running out of ideas.

I am currently watching my diet.

Actually managed to refrain from fast food and chips for the whole of last week. Quite an achievement.

Had crab nugget yesterday and chicken wing today however. Oh well.

I found a cool person on youtube. Maybabytumbler. She helped me with my scorpion. Thanks. :)

I memorised most of my chinese script on the bus home. Feeling accomplished about that.

I found another cool youtube channel. It has ALL the episodes of Ugly Betty from ALL the seasons.

I remember being addicted to Ugly Betty a few years back. The addiction seems to be coming back.

I want to post a proper post. Soon, guys,soon.

In the meantime, well, ramblings and ranting.

Like this.


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