Thursday, August 18, 2011

As the world goes spinning around you...

today was a GAH day. Cause I was sick. Last night 38 degree. Bleh. I was okay in the morning, then after meeting with that mean woman, my fever started coming back. during PE I just sat by the side, feeling super cold and just wanting the lesson to end even though it was badminton that would usually have been fun. :(

Lessons lessons cmps lessons cmps rush rush get bitched searchingforjoyceerandvivianfeng blah blah blah

TKD! :D I like the stretching part, but I don't like the punching and fighting and defending part. But it may come in useful, so. We finally stretched for splits today. Felt so inflexible after not stretching for five days since I have been so busy. My left split had actually improved last week, but today it went back to being painful. Sad.

PSL interview was scary. I dont think I will get in anyways, so WTV. Me and Zek applying for house comm together :)

The interview ended at 4.25. And we were supposed to report at like 4.30 or something. Then when I went back to class, there was no one there. I actually debated about changing, maybe can just pon the whole thing. I was glad I didnt though, Encik looked so happy that there was full company strength, except for 1sg elizabeth though.

It was all going smoothly, until sec 4's speech. They were so so so so so so so funny. Maybe even funnier than ex-sec fours. Aish, it was so hard to not laugh. Then, OMG, after NCOs talked to me individually, THE WORLD STARTED SPINNING. I could sort of hear what NCOs were saying to other platoonmates, but i was totally not registering it. MY said I was sort of swaying in a circle. Hmmm. NCOs were super nice okay. It was my first time experiencing real dizziness. So not cool.

Last company games with sec fours. Fine, not really last. H2o, songs, hentak, photos. Mmhmm.

I really want to sleep now. So I shall.

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

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