Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dont really wanna talk about dinner. Meh. Just that I think that last year's one was better. And we are organising it next year. How joyful. Oh and we broke record for platoon 3rd factor. 6 out of 10 I think. Sweet.

Now now sec fours. I know some platoonmates will always love part a ncos more, but I honestly appreciate what sec fours have done for us and they are just so nice and sweet. All the mushy stuff shall be left to another time (ie after chalet when we really will not be seeing them anymore :()

It was a lousy weekend. Except for Ugly Betty. And ballet. Im telling you, ugly betty rules man. And ballet...wasnt really ballet. Yesterday was normal ballet stuff, stretching, barre, center, blah. But today we did this mordenish dance thing. Like we totally didnt have to point our toes or turn out and all those crap. It was different, and I cant say I really like it yet.

This week is basically english pt on monday, history pt on wed and tingxie on fri. Otherwise, looking forward to a happy and relaxing next weekend. Which will officially start on friday 1 pm since there is no piano lesson and end on tuesday morning 10am since i will need to study for math test the following day.


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