Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I cant help if we are awesome

Haha, reflective thinking time on the bus. Beside CPL XY. Just started typing down all my thoughts after I ran for this bus and got a seat. 66 is comparatively empty today. Unlike that 190 that has people squeezing onto the steps of the bus.

ANYWAY, back to topic. Actually, there isn’t really a topic here. Hmmm, wtv.

Yeah, Zek, I realize what you mean when you say you like talking to CPL XY. She really is nice. Actually, all temp ncos are nice. You know what, sec threes are nice. Okay fine, RGSNCC(Land) is nice. Yep. In case you didn’t realize, there was a bit of egoing there.

Too bad, I cant help it if we are awesome.

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