Sunday, July 1, 2012

She's only a decade old

Omg my cousin is so cute.

A few weeks ago she was looking through my accessories and she saw quite a number of owl stuff. Then a few days ago she went to australia for competition and she bought me a super adorable owl necklace there.

During the holidays she spent a super lot of time at my house. And I influenced her to watch Hot Shot and 娱乐百分百. Haha she rooted for my darling's team :D

I have posters and pictures on my wall, and she recognised my darlings :) Well, to be fair, she recognised one direction too. Apparently a lot of people in her class are crazy over them? No, don't judge me. Their poster was on the back of my door and its only there because i think louis is rather cute.

Hoho when she starts to appreciate guys I'm gonna make her fall in love with my darlings. :p

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