Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I thought I saw 23:00 when it was 22:00. So now I suddenly have one extra hour. And here I am wasting it away. How efficient.

I think pranks are mean. Especially those shows like just for laughs and the jap game shows. Yes, it is a bit funny, but so mean :( People just wanted to use the toilet, then end up kena raised out of the cubicle or kena go for sled ride. 

People should tell me meanings of things. Then I wouldnt have to go around finding out. I have already learnt not to google stuff people tell me to go and find out on my own. Smart right. And people telling me I don't need to know the meaning of what they just said doesn't work either. I will find out somehow. 

Omg this is hilarious :D

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