Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aiyo why so many feelings

Lethargy - Every time after sunday ballet lesson, listening to music during the walk home, the footsteps become heavier, the back becomes slouchier, the shoulders become droopier. A long week just passed, yet another long week is just mere hours ahead.

Anxiousness - So many things unclear of, so many doubts to clarify, so little time for everything.

Pain - Calf muscles are freaking sore. My toes feel like they are permanently being pinched. There is something that looks like an extra bone but my dad claims is just a blister on both of my fourth toes.

Thirst - Due to plain laziness preventing me from getting up from this super comfortable position.

Loss - Mum away on holiday for the next 2 days means no one to wake me up in the morning. I am completely capable of sleeping through alarms and my dad is super unreliable in this area so...hoping that I can wake up tomorrow despite the foresight of super little sleep.

Nostalgia - We are freaking temping tomorrow. This day and everything else after this day has always seemed so unreachable, but it is TOMORROW. On a side note, I just realised how interesting company's birthdays are.

Sweetness - Yup I just went to get myself a cup of iced green tea.

Uncertainty - So many things going on this week, I have no idea how things will turn out.

Dilemma - You know how I used to just search for xiaozhu videos, but this whole weekend I only searched for xiaogui videos. And you know how my phone used to contain only xiaozhu's music, but I now have every single xiaogui's music. Xiaozhu or xiaogui?

Joy -  Its okay, I can have both! Or maybe the two of them get together and become one. Aw, that will be so sweet.

Un-achievement - Just tidied my room 2 weeks ago, why is it so messy again?

Amazement - How have I been able to neglect xiaogui's cuteness all this while?

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