Saturday, November 10, 2012

I have been drinking a lot of water everyday

Been neglecting my blog huh.

But nothing much has been going on.

So the last time I posted was a week ago, when we won 2nd in Nationals.

Spent Sunday at wild wild wet and ikea.

Monday morning at CCA, afternoon shopping.

Tuesday morning at CmPS, afternoon shopping again.

Wednesday I didn't go out the whole day; even had my dad send lunch home.

Thursday morning I finished watching watching all the seasons of House I have managed to get my hands on, then I went shopping in the afternoon. Hey, this time it was to get Jenny a (super belated) birthday present kay. And since I was out already, might as well you know, shop.

Friday morning I started re-watching HIMYM, then Jenny's  party in the afternoon. Haha she lives in the same condo as xinyun, so I managed to get a ride to ballet. Thanks!

Its currently 17:41 on Saturday. Haven't been out the whole day, but there is ballet in half an hour, and I was kinda sorta supposed to practise an exercise before that....oops. But HIMYM from the moment I woke up till now hah.

In conclusion time is passing really slowly; I feel like the holidays had started ages ago instead of just a week ago. But next 2 weeks and 2 days will be WEP followed by RSP trip, so at least that will keep me occupied.

And no my parents are not bringing me overseas cause we couldn't agree on a place to go. But at least I will finally be able to get out of Asia next year woohoo.

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