Sunday, November 18, 2012

Out of sight, out of mind

Been hiding my legs under jeans and pants and my stomach under t-shirts; makes me unmotivated to keep fit. No work today and tomorrow, guess I am bringing out the crops and tanks and shorts. Haha yeah thats how I try to control my weight and fats: by displaying them.

My table is at its messiest this year. Been covering up the mess with even more mess. So now its like layers of mess that I will need to spend one whole day to clear up. Haish i think that day will come at the end of the hols. In the mean time I shall take up the other tables in the house.

I took out my luggage for rsp trip. Then I stored it away again. I believe I won't start packing until Thursday night.

Been refusing to look at the assessment books stacked on my bookshelf.
Been refusing to take out my stats worksheet and chem notes.
Been refusing to even open my pencil case.

And in case you were wondering, White Collar is an awesome show.

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