Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I yearn for them to be together

I ship couples that are apparently weird/gross/only shipped by the minority.

And the above sentence is based on a single ship, but my biggest ship of all. Snamione.

Uhhuh. Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

So far I only know one other person who ships them and 80% of the people I told responded with 'ew!' My ship started like all other ships: a single fanfic. Started out as a fatherly-daughterly relationship, but things spiraled such that they became romantically involved. I dont know if its the author or the couple, but the fanfic was super sweet and touching and the first one with more than 10 chapters that I actually finished reading. I think what drew me in was the way Snape was able to turn into a gentle confidant for Hermione at the times she needed a trustable adult by her side. Always wanted to know more about the self-sacrificial Snape beyond his cold front.

Not gonna link you; but there are so many of these out there that I think whoever cant find them deserve to be locked away.

Second biggest Harry Potter ship is Drarry. This is not that uncommon right. At least it seems so based on the fanfics and especially the pictures.

Haha these two ships have my four fav characters. Oh excluding Fred and George Weasley. The twins are so awesome that I cannot find them partners to match their level of awesomeness. So guess what. Yep, I ship the two of them together.

I completely understand if this is the last sentence you read on this post/my blog.

Moving on to xiaogui, xiaozhu and rainie yang. At first I didn't know whether to put rainie with zhu or gui, but I learnt about the things that happened while rainie and gui were together a decade ago, and now I want them back together. However what made me like zhu and gui in the first place was because of the 2008-2010 era of ylbfb, when the two of them were on screen together all the time.
Final verdict is that gui should be bi. So that he can be with both rainie and zhu at the same time. :)

This next couple I never realised I shipped until a part a brought it up. Johnlock.
Just 2 more. House and wilson. Neal and Peter.
If you do not understand why I ship these couples, please do not come back until you do.

To offer you a easy way out, youtube videos do evoke certain emotions.

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