Friday, December 14, 2012

Sarcasm is fun, til it gets mean

3am in the morning, no one for me to rant to :( Seriously guys, its barely even nighttime!

But its ok, sleep early wake early. I totally understand.

Ya that is how sarcastic I usually am. Not very, I know. Point is, I have just witnessed some amazing sarcasm. Even though I am on the side of the receiving end, I couldn't help but admire your work. Its a whole new level of sarcasm, a level so high only the true masters can reach. Oh, and since we are all here to learn, I wikepedia-ed 'sarcasm' and they quoted Thomas Carlyle "Sarcasm is the language of the devil".

Now now, if you are reading this, which you really shouldn't be doing since you are so rule-abiding  and full of reasoning and truly believe in everything including shit taught to you, but I digress. In case you have decided to break a particular rule because you know no one will find out you have broken since you are behind that device of yours, then you are probably breaking down every sentence and word here and thinking that I am no better than you since this entire post is in sarcasm too.

Well guess what, I've got news for you. I could never reach your level even if I wanted to. Its simply too...whats the word..evil and bitchy and egotistical and just plain mean.

I don't understand. Why must you ALWAYS do this? Neither party has anything to gain. And I know you think you can, but the truth is, you CANNOT always get what you want. Would it really hurt so much to let go of certain things? This whole time we have been trying to find that rainbow at the end of  the storm, but you simply refuse to let go of those thunder and lightning and keep dragging over more clouds.

Oh and the boss has spoken "为什么要做得那么绝"

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