Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How am I expected to have kids after today's Bio lesson

Its nearing the last day of lessons already! How the pong did this happen? Again.

This year's teachers did not leave super good impressions at first, but you can't say that any one of them is bad. Well, some were quite horrible at first but somehow, throughout the year, everybody became nice.

I really really really want some of them to follow us up next year. And others, eh, I would be glad for a change, but if they really do follow us, then wtv lah. I would rather have them then risk getting some other teachers. Heheh sec fours' experiences.

Now that CCA has stopped, the only purpose of going to school is for lessons. And it doesn't feel all that bad anymore. Because most days end super early, and the only thing you need to concentrate on is studies. Only a couple of days of lessons left this year; I am going to fully appreciate all the lessons with all the teachers.

On a random note, I think people who are able to study at home have extreme self-control. Either that, or they just have no life. I am not going to try to make myself study at home, and risk wasting a lot of time. Maybe during the hols? But then whats the point, its the hols. Well, we will think about that when we get there. Anyways, been spending some time doing things that I am actually supposed to be doing at the study room. I think its quite worth it to have to carry around heavy textbooks and notes and an even heavier laptop in order to have effective study sessions.

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