Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Musings on the road

On the way home from airport now, and looking out at the singapore scenery i am once again overwhelmed by how different the lifestyle here and back in sarawak is.

I cannot decide whether i prefer the lifestyle here or in sarawak. I was sad to leave, yet i am happy to be back. But now that i am back i really hope to be able to hang on to some part of sarawak, and not just throw away everything i have learnt on the trip.

A mere five days ago i was still ignorant and unaware of this, happily going around the shopping mall looking for things to buy that are going to make me happy.

I dare to say that these five days have opened my eyes to a lot a lot of things. The problem is there is still sosososo much other things out there for me to see.

But up till the next rsp trip, i am afraid that its unavoidable for me to turn back into that not-so-blissfully ignorant and unaware person.

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