Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kucing is not kuching, kucing is pusat

Awake at 6.15, but breakfast is at 7.30. So rare right, for me to be up earlier than necessary.

Even though i finished watching all the episodes of white collar, i keep feeling like there are more for me to watch when i go back. But there arent :( the next ep comes out like next year. You know what this is called? Its called addicted. HAVE YOU SEEN MATT BOMER'S SMILE.

Tbh i finished watching all my shows before leaving. Meaning i have nothing to watch when i go back. Howhowhow. One simply cannot be left with no shows to watch.

I guess that means rewatching. I shall start with sherlock first then move on to either tbbt or white collar. :)

The sun totally just rose while i was typing all that lol.

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